2017 Part 1

Hard to believe we’re almost ready to turn the page on 2017!

I think I can safely say that almost every year, especially the last 30 or so, have been … interesting. Injuries, rehab programs, return to work, all while raising a large family

2017 started off with me in a Return to Work rehab program at the Wellness Institute in Winnipeg, MB. I was to spend the first three months of the year trying, and ultimately succeeding, in rehabbing from my latest head, neck and back injury. 2016 had closed out with me thinking I would never be able to work again so graduating from the program was exciting, and nerve-wracking. I feel better, but will I be able to sustain the gains I made while I go back to work in a tough environment? The last part of rehab is re-entering the workforce. You can get to match the physical requirements of the job in a return to work program but there’s nothing like the real life test of working day in and day out.


Driving a truck with oversize loads isn’t an easy job physically or mentally. Long periods of sitting, eating properly is a challenge (and expensive), times of intense action when loading or unloading, plus the stress of maneuvering a larger load through traffic and under bridges. I’ll write more on this at a later date.

What got me through life to this point is my ability to focus on the task at hand. Overlaying everything is the responsibility I feel to provide for my family and to be an example of perseverance in the face of hardship.

The joy I felt at the completion of my work rehab program was tested when I returned to my employer, only to be told that I was no longer wanted. For the 11 months post accident I was told by employer that “get to 100% and I’ll welcome you back”. What became apparent later was that he didn’t like me going on Workers Compensation. I don’t think he ever thought he would have to face that I would recover and want to work again. Every obstacle he threw at me to “prove” I wasn’t 100% was shown to be incorrect.

April 3rd, my first day ready to work was crazy. The boss had left town after refusing to meet me, or talk to me, and texted me my dismissal. I walked away, spent some time composing myself, and then started my quest for a new job. I loved doing heavy haul, and working for that boss, but that door was now closed.

To be continued…