A tribute to Sylvia!

Living can appear to be a chore

Struggles. Hardships. Health issues.

Heart broken.

Time passes by. We battle within. A choice needs to be made.

Do we want life? Do we wish to die?

Before we make the decision

We wrap ourselves

Getting hurt isn’t fun.

We wrap a layer around our heart.

Afraid of more pain.

Withdrawing. Secluding. Sensitive to any perceived change.

Then comes a miracle. Walks on two legs.

Someone who finds a crack in your armour.

Peers inside. Recognizes danger. Takes action.

“Hello!” echoes inside through the chink.

How did you let this happen? Scary.

Can’t let anyone in! But…

The “Hello!” is like a refreshing drink in the desert.

Feels nice. Soothing. Maybe we won’t die.

Words follow the “Hello!” No idea what they were. Caring. Motivating.

Still awed by the “Hello!”. Drinking in the calming effect.

Slowly the growth of that goodness keeps cracking the wrap.

You emerge a little at a time.

Blinking in the sunshine. Tentative. Are you sure you won’t be hurt?

Life begins to happen again.

You see beauty once more. Happiness regains the upper hand.

How do you thank the unwrapper?

Unwrap others yourself.

Look for the crack in a person.

You be the “Hello” into their dark, deep chaos.

Maybe you can be a help.

One more brought back from the brink.

All because one saw the tight wrap, the hurt in you,

And drew you out. Saved your life.

David K. Henry June 2017